Thursday, August 9, 2012

Calendar Patterns to Teach Math Concepts

This post is about calendar patterns to teach Math concepts.  As part of the grant I am working with, the teachers are doing daily routines with the students to help build a better understanding of numbers.  One of the strategies we are using is Calendar Patterns, where each pieces of the daily calendar is part of a larger pattern.  The students love trying to figure out the patterns each day, and seeing if their predictions are accurate.  You can let the students predict orally, or using a white board.  Since some of the graphics in the patterns are too complex to draw, the students can use descriptive words to explain their prediction.  Every calendar pattern is created with 31 days, so even though it may be listed as the "October Pattern" you could use it with another month if you so choose.  While I checked these patterns a HUNDRED time, they are difficult to create.  If you see a mistake, please let me know and I will correct/repost ASAP.  The first one is free :)

I hope you enjoy these!!
Mrs. J
FREE...August or September (Back to School) Pattern:



November Pattern:

December Pattern:

January Pattern:

February Pattern:

March Pattern:

April Pattern: