Friday, January 6, 2012

Teaching Least Common Multiples...
Here is a lesson I put together for teaching students how to find the Least Common Multiple of numbers..

Mrs. J

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Parts of a Circle Activity

Today I came across a blog about using QR know those little squares you have seen in different places that look something like this...
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Go get your smart phone, iPad, or iPod and scan this with a bar code scanner.  You will hear a voice telling you "Math is so cool!"  You can create these to say anything you want them to say (under 150 characters) or you can make one to go to a website or send a text message.  It is really a neat tool!  All you need is a bar code app, which is  free if you don't already have one. By the way, those are also really handy when you go shopping to make sure you are getting the best get a bar code app!!  I like the ScanLife app the best for this purpose, because is scans so quickly.

By the way, the blog I am referring to is...

This blog  made my head start spinning about how can I use this in the classroom, so I developed an independent math lesson for students to do using these QR codes.  The idea behind this math lesson is to introduce an easy skill that doesn't need much guidance then place the activity in a small group station as a rotation for Guided Math time.  It took me about 15 minutes to create using the QR code websites.
So take a look at the Parts of a Circle Activity.  I hope you enjoy!!

QR Code Websites:
Text or Website:

Parts of a Circle Activity on TpT:

Please leave feedback on how this worked for you or questions :)

Mrs. J